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Fire Emblem: Awakening sprites
Vanille Awakening Sprite by yoshibuya
Magnolia Awakening Sprite by yoshibuya
Evangeline Awakening Sprite by yoshibuya
Yue Awakening Sprite by yoshibuya
Agnes Awakening Sprite by yoshibuya
These comissions cost 90Points, but it may increase depending on the dificulty of your character.
Show me a reference of your character, leave the rest to me.
Happy Birthday Henry by yoshibuya
So I have a crack ship by yoshibuya
I promise I'll make you happy by yoshibuya
These comissions are sold by the price of 100:points:
You  must tell me the pairing, and it doesn't matter if it's an original character and a canon, a crackship or just a normal one!
I'll draw both hetero and homosexual pairings, don't worry!

You must specify what style do you want- like in the first picture, the second (both of these are done on Photoshop) or like the third (done on SAI)

With or without background, too, it doesn't modify the price on these comissions, though!

I will NOT draw:

Sketchy drawings with simple/no BG
Drew My Future Husband Henry by yoshibuya
Princess Irma doodle by yoshibuya
raff doodle by yoshibuya
These comissions are pretty simple and range from 50-60:points:
All  of these comissions will be colored, and you can decide if  you want a background (like in the first example shown), none, or transparent, this won't affect the price.

Will NOT draw:

I'm not very good drawing male characters, so I'm sorry if you find something odd in the final result
Original Character comissions
Flores nam Adulescens by yoshibuya
Aria by yoshibuya
Fuyuu Girl by yoshibuya
Original character comissions are sold by the value of 90 points. This value could increase with the difficulty of your character. You have to be clear with how you want your drawing: up to the waist, full-body, etc. Please note that all of these comissions are colored/shaded. If you want to add a background, it will cost other 10 :points: (These must be paid off separately)

Will NOT draw:

:bulletpink: Gore.
:bulletwhite: Vore.

And also note that I am not really good at drawing male characters, so please bear with me if the drawing doesn't come out good.
Character comissions
Day 1 by yoshibuya
Friends 5-ever! Remake by yoshibuya
I'm sorry I died. I must bid you Good-Bye. by yoshibuya
These comissions are sold by the value of 60 points.
The price could increase depending on the difficulty of the character.
Please note that all of these drawings will be colored.
Also please be clear with your conditions: up to the waist, full body, etc.

Adding a background would cost 10:points: extra. (These need to be paid off separately)

I will NOT draw:

:bulletblue: Porn.
:bulletpink: Gore.
:bulletwhite: Vore.

Also, I am not that good drawing male characters, so bear with me.





Artist | Student | Digital Art
Welcome Banner by socksyy

My Tumblr:
Art blog:
Twitter: @dragonmayhem

Elsword IDs:
:bulletgreen:Zekiye (Rena)
:bulletorange:Latypha (Ara)
:bulletpink:Norisse (Eve)
:bulletwhite:Dashiehll (Add)
:bulletpurple:Sinha (Aisha)

FE:A avatars:
:bulletblack:Yoshiya (Main; Sorcerer; Henry)
:bulletblack:Agnes (Second; Grandmaster; Libra)
:bulletblack: Reflet (Third; Tactician; Inigo)
:bulletblack: Shulk (Extra; Myrmidon; Sent to main file via logbook)
:bulletblack: Robin (Extra; Tactician; Olivia; Sent to main file via logbook)
:bulletblack:Ianthe (Extra; Tactician; Frederick; Sent to main file via logbook)
:bulletblack:Sa'dia (Extra; Tactician; Lon'qu; Sent to main file via logbook)

Nicknames: Yoshiya, Yoshi, Yoshipon
Favorite videogames: The World Ends With You, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Xenoblade Chronicles.

:bulletwhite:Favorite Awakening Units:bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite:Favorite Xenoblade characters:bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite:Smash Bros. Mains:bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite:Favorite Ships and Crack-Ships:bulletwhite:
:bulletblue:Shobin (ShulkXRobin) :heart:ULTIMATE OTP:heart:
:bulletpink:RikuJosh (RikuXJoshua)
:bulletblue:NekuSora (NekuXSora)
:bulletpink:NekuJosh (NekuXJoshua)
:bulletblue:Lucit (LucinaXPit)
:bulletpink:SakuSyao (SakuraXSyaroan)
:bulletblue:Shirmello (ShirmaXRaffaello)
:bulletpink:Kallvis (KallianXAlvis)

My Fandoms are:

:bulletwhite:Xenoblade Chronicles
:bulletwhite:The World Ends With You
:bulletwhite:Kingdom Hearts
:bulletwhite:General anime fandom
:bulletwhite:Hunger Games
:bulletwhite:The Fault in our Stars
:bulletwhite:Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors
:bulletwhite:Fire Emblem: Awakening
:bulletwhite:Smash Bros.


commissions are OPEN by Faeth-design

:heart:Chocobo's Dungeon stamp -ANI- by Pikaripeaches:heart:Cosplay stamp by HappyStamp:heart:N STAMP by Heart-Stamp:heart:I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate:heart:
:heart:Henry Stamp by Adraowen:heart:
:heart:Morgan Stamp by Adraowen:heart:
:heart:Libra Stamp by Adraowen:heart:
:heart:Inigo Stamp by Adraowen:heart:

JP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designSpanish lang4 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design



By SketchOMatic
1. You must post this rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 fact about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
4. Chose 10 people and put their icon in your journal. 
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
6. No tag-bags. 
7. You can't say that you don't do tags. 
8. You MUST make up journal entry! 
Hng okay
Ten Facts About Me
1. I can play the recorder and I hadn't told anyone about it until a few days ago.
2. I have two OTPs right now and they are Shobin (Shulk and Robin) and Kallvis (Kallian and Alvis)
3. I have a thing for long leather gloves, like Robin's, I find them so attractive oh my god.
4. I'm a fan of a single boy band and that is B1A4, because of the fact that they are wonderful human beings and their music is so pretty.
5. I procastinate so much.
7. I love playing volleyball! I legit learned how to play for fun in under a week and I play it almost everyday at school with my friends.
8. I'm childish. I legit have four years of freedom before I enter college and I still like to play kiddie games like Broken Phone (It's a mexican game, you might now know it)
9. A guy once flirted with me and I was so scared but now I look at him and he's kind of cute but I don't really want to talk to him.
10. I love reading about the paranormal. I mean, I'm kind of a scaredy cat but I find it really interesting, it may be because when I was little I lived in a literal haunted house.

1. Do you hate this? (Of course you don't, you're doing this by choice.)
Nope lmao, I enjoy tags.

2. What's your favorite thing to draw?
My favorite characters and such

3. Favorite video game?

Xenoblade Chronicles asdfghjkl

4. How do you feel about Hatsune Riku, this is very important.

Hatsune Riku is the best thing ever

5. Am I cool yet for doing this?

You are a cool potato, found in Colony 9.

6. Tell me I'm pretty.

You're pretty.


Yaoi holy shit all my ships are yaoi. I kinda like KidoMomo but that is an exception.

8. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Mostly optimistic, but sometimes things happen and I keep thinking "Oh god oh god oh god I'm fucked."

9. Are you introverted or extroverted?


10. How long have you been on dA in total?
Uh. Well, my first account lived for like 4 years before I left it, then I used another for about two months. Then I changed to another one for other two years and now I've been in this one for almost four years, so that is ten years? Idk

My questions
1. What is your birthstone?
2. Is it canon? (In Steven Universe)
3. What are your favorite ships?
4. You have the chance to create a machine that brings fictional characters to the real world, but only one can be brought per person. Who do you choose?
5. Do you have any person that you look up to?
6. Do you like any YouTubers? Such as Markiplier, PewDiePie, etc. (Im in those two fandoms only lmao)
7. How did you meet your favorite game? Like, did anyone told you about it, or did you see it somewhere and became interested?
8. Traditional or digital?
9. Any books that you like or that you're intested in reading?
10. Please recommend me a Hayao Miyazaki movie I need to watch them. Any movie that's not Howl's Moving Castle (I've already watched that one).

Uh, anyone can do it, I guess?
  • Listening to: Inside the Bionis/Pulse
  • Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles


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